Online Video Course

Online Smart Phone Video Marketing Course for Business Owners and Marketing Professionals


Teaching you how to grow your business by creating your own videos. 


This course will teach you step by step how to plan, shoot and edit your own videos using just a smart phone. 


No prior technical skills required 


You will be taught by Timothy Mason who is an experienced professional Videographer and the Managing Director of Creative Business Videos.


He has over 15 years experience in video production and has made videos for several charities and businesses.

Topics Covered

Session 1

How to Plan

Learning outcomes:

How to write content and plan your videos

The different types of videos you can make

How to craft the right message for your video

How to create a story around your business

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Session 2

How to Shoot

Learning outcomes:

How to set up the camera to film an interview

How to be more confidence on camera

Getting the perfect shot – including shot sizes, positioning the camera, framing, lighting sound, sequences and backgrounds.

How to avoid common mistakes with video

Filming with your phone portrait or landscape

Which equipment to buy? Including microphones, tripods and lights.- Including setting up your phone, microphones, tripods and editing software.

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Session 3

How to Video Edit

Learning outcomes:

What is video editing?

Which app to choose

How to edit a series of clips

How to add music

How to add transitions

How to add captions

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Each course can be delivered online via Zoom or in person with limited places.

The course will be six hours long.

Notes will be provided.

After supported up to 30 days after the course in the form of email and telephone support.

Where the attendees can have questions they later have answered.

To book or if you have any questions contact or 01582 966332 / 07933467199

What have people said about the course?

Kestrel Grove Nursing Home

“Hi Tim, I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed the video marketing course and that I gained so much from all the advice and information you gave me. Not only was it great fun but was extremely professional in a relaxed atmosphere. I am now near to completing my “promotional video” and look forward to sending it to you for critique! Thank you once again and will be recommending you to others. All the best Paul Tripp, Manager

New Hope Homeless Charity

“The Fundraising and Communications Team at New Hope all took part in training with Creative Business Videos learning how to make films on our smart phones. The whole process was very smooth and Tim was happy to answer our questions and to respond to our individuals skill sets”.

"That was really great thank you. I got a lot of focus and clarity in the different types of videos I could use and most importantly how to structure. I also loved the bit about content and being clear on my message. thank you Sonia”. The Fundraising and Communications Team

Kingston Hub

"Really useful session, thanks Tim and for the tips around different video techniques for social media platforms - will def put those in practice from Junior Thanks Tim.” Junior Graham, Programme Manager


"Great session today, I have learnt so much about why video marketing is important for my future business and that videos are here to stay. Tim explained to us different types of videos we can make and gave a brief about content, key questions to ask and common mistakes we often make. This will definitely point me in the right direction with marketing my services and products. Really enjoyed the session, and the presentation was clear and informative Jadwiga."